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colombian hat, sombrero de playa
Zebra Rayado
colombian hat, sombrero de playa correas

Colombian Hats
Sombreros de playa

This Colombian hat, with its distinctive zebra stripes look, is the perfect beach hat, the perfect sombrero de playa.  Woven from strong, yet supple caña flecha (arrow cane) fiber, this hat is very durable, as well flexible and attractive.  The tightness of the weave makes for a very effective sun screen.​  

The zebra rayado differs from the sombrero vueltiao in that the braids that form its crown are identical to the braids that form its brim.  The only variation in this hat is the sharp color contrast of every other braid, which gives its zebra stripes look, and hence its name, zebra rayado.  Another distinction between the zebra rayado and the sombrero vueltiao is that the zebra's crown is comparatively shallow relative to its brim diameter.

In Colombia, the zebra rayado is considered to be of a very high quality, of comparable value to a 21-lap sombrero vueltiao, although it is not constructed of 21-lap braids. (See our page devoted to the sombrero vueltiao for several illustrations pertaining to the numbers of laps of fiber strands in each braid.)  

Every aspect of manufacture, from growing the caña flecha to weaving the hats is done by Zenú Indian artisans on their reservation in Córdoba State, Colombia, South America.  Whether you are looking for a beach hat, a "sombrero de playa," or an elegant summer-style hat for most any occasion, this one fills the bill. 

Zenú Indians are native to the Caribbean region of present-day Colombia.  For a complete description of how they process caña flecha for weaving purposes, see our blog post titled Manufacturing and Tinting Caña Flecha Fiber Strips for Handmade Apparel Accessories.