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The Wayuu Mochila

by Aboriginal Arts, LLC on 08/27/13


Latin American Aboriginal culture is endangered, as many Indian youths are enticed to join modern technological society. Aborigine women lead the efforts to preserve their ancestral culture.

The Roles of Women in Aborigine Families

Wayuu Aborigine women lead their families and communities. They are the family providers, and they lead the efforts to preserve Wayuu Indian culture. Daily, they struggle to support the children of their communities, while serving initiatives to preserve ethnic customs of their culture.

With technological advancements, such as the Internet and television, influences of other, supposedly more advanced societies, indigenous cultures are met by potentially crippling challenges to their ancient beliefs and customs, their traditional, artisanship centered way of life. The hardships of poverty add to the allure, the seducing influence, of foreign cultures, which reach Aboriginal youth via the Internet and television.

Follow this link to the native land of the Wayuu Aborigines

Follow this link to look inside a Wayuu home and village, and hear Wayuu artisana Cenida discuss, in her native tongue, the Chinchorro, a very special hammock.

Wayuu Women and Aboriginal Arts, LLC Promote Ancestral Wayuu Culture

The women of Aboriginal communities are dedicated to promoting their ancestral culture by offering, among other things, authentic Wayuu mochilas, shoulder bags, which they weave by hand in the traditional way passed down through generations. Into each mochila is woven traditional Wayuu symbols, geometric figures, which graphically record their ancestral knowledge of the sun, the stars, the seashore, and many other things in nature.

Contrary to the tide of seducing influences upon Aborigine youths, the efforts of Aboriginal Arts, LLC promote the economies of genuine Aboriginal communities in Latin America, with special outreaches to the Wayuu Indian settlements of present-day Colombia's La Guajira Peninsula.

Wayuu Mochilas Come in Three Color Schemes

A mochila is a standard accessory in Latin America.  Ladies usually like the soft colors of the pastel scheme or the vivid colors of the vivo scheme.  Gentleman usually carry a mochila in the tierra color scheme, for its earthy shades. 
Wayuu mochila in the Pastel color scheme

Wayuu mochila, in the "Vivo" (Bright/Lively) color scheme

Wayuu mochila in the Tierra (Earthy) color scheme

See Wayuu artisana Carmen weave a mochila

Wayuu Handmade Bracelets

Bracelets are another woven product of the Wayuu People.  Like Wayuu mochilas, Wayuu bracelets are woven from pure cotton yarn, and they bear symbolic geometric figures.  Wayuu cuff bracelets are approximately two inches wide, and Wayuu bracelets are approximately one-inch wide.

Detriments to Aborigine Culture and Artisanship

Today, Wayuu women are struggling to save their ancestral culture. They struggle against the conventions of a consumer society, mass production, the Internet and television, which influence Aboriginal youth to leave their communities and forget their ancestral heritage.

Furthermore, Wayuu mochilas and other handicrafts are being counterfeited by profiteers who want to exploit the reputation for quality of Wayuu products. They implement techniques of mass production, such as advanced machinery and cheap labor, to flood the market with shoddy merchandise in an effort to supplant genuine Wayuu products.

How You Can Support the Survival of Wayuu Artisanship

The best way to support Aboriginal women is to buy their genuine products, while rejecting the imitations of unscrupulous traders.

Aboriginal Arts LLC buys and sells only genuine Wayuu products that are handmade by Wayuu artisans of La Guajira, Colombia. In this way, Aboriginal Arts, LLC supports the preservation of Aboriginal culture by providing income to Wayuu artisans for their daily sustenance, so that they may continue in the fight to preserve their culture.

If you want to support Wayuu Aboriginal communities, you may shop for genuine Wayuu mochilas, bracelets and cuff bracelets at Aboriginal Arts, LLC.

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