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Originality, functionality, beauty... Aboriginal crafts portray ancestral experience and keen observation in each design.

Unfortunately, most indigenous cultures are disappearing. This has resulted from displacement and infiltration of their communities by modern civilization, which dissuades young Aborigines from following in the traditional, artisanship centered, way of life.

As as result of displacement from their native habitat, Aborigine artisans of present-day Colombia, South America are forced to participate in the national economy. They have only one income source, the sale of their unique creations. Consistent with Colombia's plan of economic growth and elimination of rebel faction strongholds in rural, poverty stricken areas, Aboriginal Arts, LLC provides legitimate, gainful opportunities for those who would otherwise be unemployed and vulnerable.

We are a Christian company devoted to assisting Aborigines of Latin America with sustaining artisanship as a way of life. Based near Atlanta, Georgia (USA), and having a presence in Bogotá, Colombia, we serve distributors and retailers in the USA as a designer, importer and wholesaler of Aborigine handmade apparel accessories and other handicrafts. Additionally, we serve individuals and retailers in our Online stores.

We have personal, professional relationships with artisans of several Aborigine tribes, whereby we manufacture premium quality handicrafts. Our Zenú Indian colleagues of Córdoba State, Colombia weave a wide variety of apparel accessories for men and women from caña flecha (arrow cane) fiber. Our Wayuu Indian colleagues of La Guajira State, Colombia crochet mochilas (shoulder bags), bracelets and belts. By other weaving techniques, they make hammocks, dresses, slippers and jewelry. Our Arhuaco and Kogui Indian colleagues of Magdelena State, Colombia weave mochilas from wool and fique fiber, respectively.  

If you are particularly interested in a certain product, other than those mentioned here, we will consult with you as to product design, and we will manufacture and deliver the products to you. Giving personal attention to your particular interests in Aborigine handmade products is our forte.

By supporting us, you can help to preserve traditional Aboriginal craftsmanship, its handmade quality and purity, as it has been passed down through generations. By purchasing Aboriginal handicrafts from us, you will support the survival of a traditional way of life that is in danger of disappearance.
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